About Us

Who We Are

The Ibadan Descendants Union USA, Inc. (IDU-USA, Inc.) is a community-based organization of Ibadan natives in diaspora, with Chapters in many cities in the USA. Many of the chapters have been in existence before this umbrella organization that coordinates the activities of all chapters was established. The organization was formed to encourage unity of efforts in order to positively contribute to the progress and the economy of the City of Ibadan.
The City of Ibadan is geographically the largest city in West Africa, with a population of over 3 million people. With its diverse population, Ibadan is the home to the oldest university in Nigeria, the first TV station in Africa, and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, to mention a few. Ibadan is a Sister City to the City of Cleveland, Ohio.
While Ibadan Descendants Union USA has contributed immensely to the education, health, economy, humanitarian and cultural awareness of the City of Ibadan, its chapters have also been actively involved in their respective communities in the USA, including intervention and eradication of human trafficking. The organization holds biennial convention at a designated Chapter location to raise funds for its programs. Each Chapter organizes yearly Fundraising and benefit events to help support the members and their communities. The IDU-USA, Inc. belongs to the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), and umbrella organization in Ibadan to collaborate of all sundry Ibadan organizations around the world. The IDU-USA, Inc. participates in the annual week-long cultural events in Ibadan that feature cultural exhibits of Ibadan people at home and abroad.


Mission & Objectives:

  • To encourage and deliberate on all issues affecting and paramount to Ibadan Land.
  • To promote the cultural heritage of Ibadan Land.
  • To support such charitable objectives as may be deemed fit by the Union
  • To foster the economic growth of Ibadan Land.
  • To promote the growthand attainment of a higher academic standard in education.

Our Projects

While the local Chapters have contributed immensely to their community projects, they are instrumental in the successful implementation of the IDU-USA projects both in Ibadan and in the USA. To improve the services provided at the Adeoyo Hospital, the IDU-USA embarked upon various projects such as renovation of maternity ward, donation of patient bedsand diagnostic equipment, and provision of borehole water. The organization has awarded higher education scholarships to secondary children in Ibadan, while local chapters are actively supporting various school districts in their communities. In order to sustain existing and new projects, the IDU-USA Inc. has planned to build a Community Center at a selected Chapter city. The multipurpose center is expected to provide services to its community and generate funds for other projects.

Our History

Written By: Prince Ademola Ajibade

In the early 2003, Ibadan Descendants Union USA, Inc. began with the formation of Lagelu Descendants Union of New York during an annual luncheon. Discussions during this luncheon focused on mushroom Ibadan organizations in the United States, and how to bring everyone together. Members all agreed to forming an umbrella organization, and the first conference call meeting was held in 2003 to discuss the formation strategies. A follow-up, face-to-face meeting was held, with representatives from each Ibadan organization already formed at various cities around the US. The cities represented were Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, and Newark, NJ. The Florida Chapter joined the national organization later. A caretaker committee was set up, and the Ibadan Descendants Union USA Constitution was drafted. The leadership of the new organization is voted in during Biennial Conventions, and members of the Executive Council are elected from each Chapter.
The newly constituted organization formed a committee of Chapter Presidents, who attended the Ibadan Week event in 2004. It was then the IDU-USA was presented to the CCII as a prospective member that will work for the progress of the City. The representative visited orphanage homes, motherless babies’ homes, the Ibadan House, and the oldest community health center, the Adeoyo Hospital. The conducted fact-finding mission on how to improve the deteriorating condition of the hospital in collaboration with the CCII.

Future Outlook

The future presents excellent opportunity to forge a dialogue between citizens at home and the Diaspora. This is an avenue for those who are enmeshed in the deliverance of greater goods to our fellow citizens, to converge and, do a sober reflection on communal servitude. Over the years, there has been progressive decline at various levels of community development, a vacuum created by collective neglect from all sectors of institutions in Ibadan.
IDU-USA Inc., working in collaborative efforts with other homebased organizations, is ready to channel the course for a full community development as well as human enrichment. It is crystal clear that the attention so far accorded to humanitarian service endeavor is in inverse relationship to its importance. Hence, we call on all Ibadan indigenes around the globe to be a partner in building a better future in our homeland. Ibadan Descendants Union USA, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization. It is highly imperative that we harness all our resources in order for us to conquer the quagmire of problems faced by our people.