It is humbly gratifying to be given the opportunity to write on the origin of our great organization IDU USA INC, the Journey to this point has been filled with anxiety, apprehension, and uncertainty, but it is a true testimony to God Almighty that our organization has come to stay. Like everything else in life, dream is like a personal covenant with oneself; pursuant of which could result in reality.

The annulment of 1992 election in Nigeria, awaken the dormant activism in many Nigerians living in the Diaspora, the fatuousness of our attitude towards our home land caught everyone off guard after the derailment of free and fair election. Hence, numerous organizations were established among which is Egbe Omo Yoruba in North America and Canada [EOY]. As a result of involvement in [EOY] I became acutely aware of great advantages and wonderful opportunities an organization like this can offer. In the course of attending numerous conferences and conventions; it became almost an obsession to ask and search for anyone from Ibadan, my hometown, looking to bond with them in the Diaspora.

The formation of IDU USA started with the Ibadan Lagelu Descendants Union of New York annual luncheon; to which Alhaji Ramon Amoo and I were invited. I was then the national Vice-President of Egbe Omo Yoruba in North America and Canada (EOY) and was honored to be the guest speaker. It was at this time while searching for a topic of discussion that I thought how wonderful it would be to have Ibadan National organization, with chapters spread all across the United States.

There were six established chapters already functioning independently:  Ibadan Lagelu Descendants union of New York,
IDU Baltimore, IDU Chicago, IDU Dallas, IDU Washington DC and IDU Houston, it should be noted that we do not have an established chapter in Philadelphia at this time, but with full cooperation and diligent work of Alhaji Ramon Amoo the idea to organize the national union progressed quickly. Dialogue and communications channels were initiated. Just like in 1776, when the American delegates met in Philadelphia to form a Republic. We, also coincidentally, congregated in Philadelphia for same ideal.

Our first conference call was held on April 12, 2003. At this meeting with an opening prayer from Professor Akinyele, consensus was reached on the formation of a national union. The pioneer members at this meeting were:  Dr. Ajayi, Mr. Oyeleke, and Professor Akinyele-Baltimore Chapter. Mr. Akanji -New Orleans, Alhaji Bakarey- New York Chapter, Mr. Ishola-Chicago Chapter, Otunba Aliyu, Dr. Idowu-Dallas Chapter, Mr. Aboderin- Houston Chapter, Alhaji  Amoo and Omo-ba Ajibade-Philadelphia Chapter. During this meeting Philadelphia was chosen as the national headquarters and arrangement for our first meeting to be held in Philly was formalized with closing prayer by Chief Abass Bakarey.

To sustain the momentum gained, the first National meeting was scheduled for June 17th, 2003 at Marriott courtyard hotel in Philadelphia. The meeting commenced at 11:35 am. Alhaji Ismael Aminu the former president of IDU Delaware chapter was the presiding officer of the day, attendees were:  Messrs. Samson Ajayi, Olusola Akinyele, Adetunji Adekola, Ademola Ajibade, Rafiu A. Ishola, Oyewole Adelakun, Jimoh Busari, Julius Jegede, Ramon Amoo, Olabisi Amoo, O. B. Adejumo, A.O. Adejumo, Kola Aliyu, Martin Abiodun Oloyede, Ademola Agboluaje, Peter Olosunde, Abass Bakare, Abiona Ajibade, Rafiu Akintoye, Kola Ajadi, Tajudeen-Ade-Jamiu, Musibau Hamed, Abbas Adekola, Adetunji Adepoju, khadijat Aminu, Ismael Aminu. I gave the welcome address and reminded the delegates of our purpose in Philadelphia. It was at this inaugural meeting that Mr. Kola Ajadi and Mr. Martin Adelakun first represented New Jersey as delegates.

Among the first tasks of the day was,  what name should be given to the new union?  Several names were submitted by members but, Ibadan Descendants’ Union USA, which was proposed by the IDU Delaware chapter, was adopted as the name for the new national union. What is an association without a precept? Hence, a committee was charged with writing the By-Law with the intent to incorporate as time permits and make amendments as needed.

A care taker committee was set up to temporarily run the affairs of the union pending the election of substantive officers. Members were Omo-ba Ademola Ajibade acting president, Alhaji Abass Bakarey acting whip, Mr. Kayode Oyeleke acting PRO. Mr. Ademola Agboluaje acting secretary.  Mr. Martin Adelakun acting legal secretary.

The Foundation Chapters were:
IDU of Philadephia
IDU of Houston
IDU of Baltimore Maryland
IDU of New York
IDA of Chicago
IDU of Dallas
IDU of New Jersey

During the second meeting that was held on September 20th, 2003, additional five chapters were added. Ratification of the constitution was done on this day; chapter annual dues were pegged at $400:00; hosting of two NEC meetings one in April and the second to coincide with the hosting of annual convention every September was approved. Our last meeting was held April 17th, 2004; at this gathering we welcomed additional 2 chapters to our midst, it was at this meeting that Mrs. Olutoyin Adefala represented the Great Orlando Florida chapter and Mrs. Yomi Yerokun-Olajide was a member delegate from IDU Washington, D.C.

The following chapters were represented at our second meeting in Philadelphia:
IDU Houston, Texas: Ademola Agboluaje and Rilwan Adesola.

IDU Philadephia: Prince Ismael Aminu, Mrs Khadijat Aminu, Alhaji Adetunji Adekola, Mr. Ademola Ajibade, Mr. Adegboyega Ajao, Mr. Kehinde Akano, Mr  B. Adejumo, Mr Tajudeen Ade –Jamiu, Alhaji Musibau Hammed, Dr. Adetunji Adepoju, Alhaji Rahmon Amoo, Alhaja Barrister Bisi Amoo and Mr Abass Adekola.

IDU Baltimore Chapter:  Mr .Kayode Oyeleke, Dr. Tokun Ajayi, and Prof. Sola Akinyele.

IDU Southern California: Los Angeles: Chief Jamiila Abiola.

IDU Northern California: Oakland Bay area:  Mr. Abubakry Salami.

IDU Dallas Texas: Dr. Taoreed Badmus.

Greater Washington Chapter: Mr. Abbas Busari, Mrs Adenike F. Adejumo- Bankole, Mrs Olufunke Adeniji, Mr Tunde Akintola, Mr. Emanuel Adeniji, and Ambali Adetunji Busari.

Gaittesburg, Maryland: Delegate: Mrs. Sola Akintunde-Yussuf.
IDU Raleigh, N.C. Chapter: Mr. Felix Adewusi, Alhaji K. Oladipo, and Taofeek A. Ademola.

IDU Boston Chapter: Mr. Amos Adepoju and Mr. & Mrs. Rasaki Salami.
IDU New York Chapter: Alhaji Abass. A. Bakare and Alhaji A.Rafiu Akintoye.

IDU New Jersey Chapter: Omo-ba Adewale S. Adedimeji. Mr. Samuel Kola Ajadi.

IDA Chicago Chapter: Mr Babatunde Taiwo.

In September 2004, our first National Convention and election were held in Baltimore with the attendance of National President of Central Council of Ibadan Indigene [CCII] Chief Bode Amao from Nigeria,
Dr. Laolu Akinyele from University of Ibadan and telephone call from His Excellency, the Governor of Oyo State Senator Rashed Ladoja.  We have since held two other annual conventions in Houston, Texas and Newark, New Jersey in subsequent years.

Mrs. Adeline Olufunmi Faturoti was the presiding officer of the election. The first national elected officers were:

National President: Omo-ba Ademola Ajibade
Vice President: Alhaji Abass Bakarey
General Secretary: Otunba Kola Aliyu
Asst. Gen. Scretary: Mr. Olugbenga Adesokan
Treasurer: Mrs. Janet Yerokun-Olajide
Financial Secretary: Mrs. Olutoyin  Adefala
PRO: Mr. James K. Oyeleke
Auditor: Mr. Adebayo Folayan
Iyalode: Chief [Ms.] Jemila Abiola

During the annual Ibadan Week celebrations of 2004, majority of the national officers traveled to Ibadan to partake in the continuing progress of Ibadan. We visited orphanage homes, motherless babies’ homes, the multi purpose Ibadan House and the aging old Adeoyo Hospital, where we conducted a fact finding mission on how best to improve the deteriorating condition at the hospital.  The Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes [CCII], which serves as the umbrella for all Ibadan associations all over the world, sought our support for the creation of Ibadan state. The clamor for the creation of Ibadan state stems from the past and continuing under development of Ibadan, given the sheer number of human resources that burdens the City.

Moving from challenges to solutions:

Challenges in life are to be confronted and overcome. Challenges therefore, are like virtues that we must all have in life. In the context of global world that we live in today; IDU USA as an organization must be a pace setter that fulfill the role of fountain of knowledge, providing information technology, networking, recruiting and grooming of future leaders, as these are all intricate part of our long term goals. As a social and cultural organization, making meaningful contributions to the quality of lives in Ibadan; as well as in the Diaspora, are some of the laudable goals that we envisioned.

We are currently embarking on projects at Adeoyo Hospital, specifically on improving the conditions of patients at the hospital, as well as providing some urgently needed medical equipments.
Our focus is also on the inability of the public schools to provide well equipped libraries and other academic accessories on a sustainable basis, which negates the impact of relevant education to our future generations.

These are daunting tasks undoubtedly, but a good organization with sound and coherent transformational leadership can bring about a big exhortative difference in the lives of those mostly in needs. IDU USA must serve as a conduit to propel community service, in particular, by grooming corps of individuals who, while operating within the framework of the organization, are able to apply visionary leadership skills in tackling extraordinary difficult challenges that exists in our City.


As late Walter Anneberg a great Philanthropist once said; “It is an obligation for those that are blessed in life to help those that are less fortunate.”   In light of this, we made a commitment from then on that all efforts would be made to establish a viable National Union that would not only look after the interest of Ibadan any where in the world, but one that will foster unity as well. Mingling and building of bridges of hope are the void that we hope the formation of IDU USA will fill. We, the Ibadan people, inculcate honesty, hard work, good education and self reliant in our up bringing; we are known for our luxuriated ways of providing unrivaled hospitality, [Ibadan gba onile, o gba alejo].

The future presents golden opportunity to forge a dialogue between citizens at home and the Diaspora. This is an avenue for those who are enmeshed in the deliverance of greater goods to our fellow citizens, to converge and, do a sober reflection on communal servitude. Over the years there has been progressive decline at various levels of societal development, a vacuum created by collective neglect from all sectors of institutions in Ibadan.

IDU USA INC, working in collaborative efforts with other home base organizations is ready to channel the course for a full community development; as well as human enrichment. It is crystal clear, that, the attention so far accorded to humanitarian service endeavor, is in inverse relationship to its importance. Hence, the clarions call to all Ibadan indigenes around the globe to be a partner in building a better future in our home land. Your support towards these goals will be highly commendable, as a non-profit organization that is tax exempt; your contributions are tax deductible. It is highly imperative that we harness all our resources in order for us to conquer the quagmire of problems faced by our people.

The inability of Ibadan people to work together in the past, for common good of our people has lent credence to the saboteurs of our common agenda. Since the inception of IDU USA; our members have shown strong support and unflinching commitment to the survival of this organization.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank certain people that directly or indirectly contributed to the continuing survival of this union. Alhaji Ramon Amoo,  Mrs. Henrieta Adebimpe Lawson, Mrs. Adeline Olufunmi Faturoti, Engineer Alhaji Fatai Olateju, Mr. Joseph Akanji, Mr. Ralph Ishola,  Alhaji Musbau Sola Oladipo, Pastor Orokunle, Mr. Kayode Oyeleke, and Mr. Kola Ajadi for their impetuousness and immense contributions to the foundation of this organization.

Special thanks to Mrs. Olutoyin Adefala for her immeasurable contribution towards the introduction of technological means of holding our meetings via Free conference calls and the establishment of our National website.

The participation of all the above mentioned chapters and individuals in sustaining this union is indeed illustrative of strong and commendable partnership built with shared hope and aspiration for our people.  Apologies to those whose names are not mentioned, it is not because we are poorly intentioned.

My gratitude to the current National President Mr. Olugbenga Adesokan for the honor accorded me in writing this piece of IDU USA story.


Mrs Olutoyin Adefala (CHAIRPERSON), Mr James Oyeleke (SECRETARY), Alhaji Kola Oladipo, Alhaji Abbas Bakrey and Prince Ademola Ajibade.

Revised and Updated on April 18, 2011