As a charitable organization, our continued operations are heavily dependent on the donations of our benefactors — individuals that very well may include you!  We graciously accept all donations; no matter how small or large, every gift goes towards improving the lives of our clients, and enables us to continue our work pursuant to our values..

One-Time Monetary Donations
One time-monetary donations can be made via mail (check or money order) or by credit card/e-check via PayPal.  In the case of checks / money orders.

Recurring Donations
Should you wish to support our initiatives on a monthly basis, this can also be easily facilitated, also by mail or credit card/e-check via PayPal. In the case of checks / money orders, please make your gift payable to Ibadan Descendant Union USA, INC.

Please write your check or money order to IDU-USA, Inc, and mail it to:

Alhaja Fausat Ladipo
466 Beach 72nd St.
Arverne, NY 11692

Other Types of Donations
Other, non-traditional types of donations are also generally accepted.  For example, donations of capital items, property, automobiles, marketable securities, etc., can all generally be accepted.  If you would like to arrange to make such a donation, please Contact Us so that we may make suitable arrangements.

Similarly, “future” gifts, in the form of estate bequests or insurance policies are also generally accepted.  Again, if you wish to make such a donation, we suggest that you Contact Us.

Donations of Time
Sometimes the greatest gift one can give is their time.  This is why we very proudly welcome the support of volunteers in a wide range of capacities.  You can read more about this on our Volunteer pages .