Mission & Objectives

The Ibadan Descendants’ Union of USA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for the unification of all Ibadan sons and daughters residing in North America.


  1. To encourage and deliberate on all issues affecting and paramount to
    Ibadan Land.
  2. To promote the cultural heritage of Ibadan Land.
  3. To support such charitable objectives as may be deemed fit by the Union
  4. To foster the economic growth of Ibadan Land.
  5. To promote the growthand attainment of a higher academic standard in education.

In this journey to assist our Homeland and the people of Ibadan Land we cannot do it without your assistance. For too long as a people we have been contented sitting on the sidelines and watching our beloved homeland deteriorate. Our institutions of higher learning are in disrepair, and the educational level of the general populace is deteriorating.  Furthermore, our healthcare institutions are unable to provide appropriate care for our people while our infrastructure is failing. We cannot succeed unless you are a part of this journey. Therefore, we invite you to join your local chapters so that with a combined effort, we will be able to help our homeland.

I thank you and wish you and your families God’s richest Blessings.

Dr. OlubunmiAfonja,
National President, IDU USA Inc.

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We are a 501 (C) Section 3 charitable non-profit organization that bring opportunity to the economically. Contact us today to learn how you can get involved.


We are a 501 (C) Section 3 charitable non-profit organization