Madison, Wisconsin is a bustling city that offers plenty of entertainment options. From classical music concerts to children’s plays and comedians, Madison has something for everyone. Here are several places you can check out if you’re looking for some fun this summer:

The Orpheum Theater

The Orpheum Theater is located at 203 West Mifflin Street, Madison, Wisconsin. They have shows all the time and their website offers a lot of information about what’s playing when:

Tickets cost anywhere between $37 to $50 for an adult. Tickets can be purchased online or at the theater box office (hours vary). The theater is within walking distance of downtown Madison and it’s also close to several bus routes that go directly to campus, so if you’re looking for an easy way to get there without driving your car in traffic on Monroe Street then this would be a good option!

Overture Center

Overture Center for the Arts is a performing arts center in Madison, Wisconsin. It is the largest performing arts center in the state of Wisconsin and was designed by Cesar Pelli. The building opened in 1988, six years after its initial funding and construction efforts were approved by Madison city councilors.

The venue is home to several different performing groups including: Madison Symphony Orchestra; Theater Nova; Theater de la Jeune Lune; First Stage Children’s Theatre Company; Comedy Club On State; City Theatre Company; Actors Theatre of Milwaukee Repertory Company (ATM); Chazen Museum of Art at UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health (CMAPMAUWSH); The Hideout Theatre Co.; Traveling Light Productions Incorporated (TLP)

The Barrymore Theater

The Barrymore Theater has been the heart of Madison’s arts scene since 1921. Built by the Barrymore family—one of Madison’s oldest and most influential families—the theater has hosted everyone from The Beatles to Harry Houdini and beyond. Today, it’s part of the Overture Center for the Arts and hosts myriad performances throughout the year.

Comedy Club on State

Comedy Club on State (1600 East Washington Avenue) is a great place to see comedy. The club has shows seven days a week, and the comedy ranges from improvisational to stand-up to sketch comedy. To get tickets, you can go online or call 608-259-6100; the show usually begins at 8 p.m., but they require you arrive early in case it sells out (and you don’t want to be stuck outside).

There’s also some food available for purchase at the club if you arrive hungry and want something quick before or after the show—their menu includes pizza from Pizza Shuttle (which delivers), subs from Subway Sandwiches & Salads, burgers from Burger King, hot dogs and nachos from Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters & Hot Dogs and popcorn from Popcorn Heaven

Madison Children’s Museum

The Madison Children’s Museum is a great place to take kids. The museum has tons of hands-on exhibits for kids, and it’s located in the Madison Children’s Museum building.

The museum has a Discovery Room where kids can learn about different cultures around the world through displays and activities. There are also several other rooms with hands-on exhibits such as an optical illusion room, engineering room and art gallery. There is also a water play area with sprinklers that spray, fountains that bubble up and cooling towers that spray mist onto visitors’ faces! And if you’re looking for something less wet but still fun, there is a soft play area where kids can run around inside tunnels or climb on structures made out of foam padding material instead of wood or metal pieces (which might hurt if they fall).

You can enjoy classical, country and modern music, plays or comedy here in Madison.

Madison is a great city to live in, and there’s always something new to do here. Whether you enjoy a nice cup of tea or some classical music, we’re sure you’ll find something on the list below that interests you!

If you love the symphony and want to hear some classic music performed by professional musicians then check out the Madison Symphony Orchestra or the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.

If country music is more your thing than classical then why not visit The Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum? There are plenty of exhibits about famous artists from past decades until now.

Ready for some modern tunes? Then listen to some jazz at Madison Jazz Fest each year which takes place over Labor Day weekend every year since 1988!

Looking for something more dramatic? Then check out where all plays are happening in town with our Theatre District map! This shows all theatre groups around town, be it community theatre groups like American Players Theatre Company or professional companies based downtown like Great Lakes Theater Festival production company that produced “Hamlet” last fall; visit them both this season while they’re still running shows here in Madison!

Get out there!

Madison is a beautiful city with lots of things to do. You can enjoy classical, country and modern music, plays or comedy here in Madison. This city has several theaters where you can enjoy shows with your friends and family. If you are looking for something fun to do on the weekend then visit Overture Center for a show!

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